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  1. Plan with keyword research: know what your customers are searching for. Google keyword planner is a free tool. SEMrush will find any keywords your competitors are using. Target local keywords specific to your business, for example a Removalist in Sydney but mainly services North Sydney; Key phrases such as: ‘removalist north sydney’ are more relevant than ‘removalists sydney’.
  2. Stand out with ONSITE SEO: create unique page titles, meta descriptions, URL’s and content. Creating additional pages can help target new keywords and send signals to search engines. For example, If your Removalist only services North Sydney, then on your home page use the key phrase ‘Removalist North Sydney’.
  3. Local SEO with Google+: Create a Google+ profile, complete unique keywords and rich descriptions for each business location. SEO Benefit is your business will appear in search results for local keyword searches.
  4. BLOG: Write compelling content that your audience will read and share. Use images, video, tips, news and more. A ‘longtail’ keyword approach can work well. SEO benefit is that every new blog is an opportunity to be found by a search engine.
  5. Diversify your marketing: Reviews, social media, PPC, email, guest blogging, display ads, remarketing, forums, Facebook, Yelp, can all drive traffic and leads. Social media and blogging and forum participation in your niche area are free. Test different channels within your budget to see what works. SEO benefit is that a diverse marketing plan can compliment your SEO through traffic, links and branding.
  6. Encourage Action: Make sure your site visitors are taking the action you want them to. Want a visitor to call you? Tell them. Tell them why they should first.
  7. Efficient SEO with a CMS: A content management system (CMS) is an efficient way to publish content and manage SEO. It is easy to setup a site using a CMS such as WordPress.
  8. Go Mobile: Responsive web design fits most mobiles, tablets and desktops. Keep your mobile / desktop sites on a single domain. Many CMS’s now offer free responsive templates.


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