WIX and or WordPressWhat are the best platforms to use out of WIX and WordPress and for Ecommerce websites. So you have been through many steps in starting your business and all your ideas are in place, however you need an online shop or website for your business.

Which platform should you use to put your business online?  The answer, not so simple, it depends on your circumstances, preferences, size of business. Choosing the right platform can save you a lot of time and energy and frustration.

This blog will give you the pros and cons of the two most popular platforms regarding their advantages and disadvantages to put you able to decide for your business at the end.



  • Price
  • Plugins
  • Flexible design
  • Programmers Welcome
  • Compliant with hosting providers
  • Google analytics
  • Payment support
  • Community Support


  • Security scares
  • Buggy plugins
  • Hosting at a price
  • Pro tools at pro prices
  • Learning curve
  • Not a dedicated ecommerce platform
  • Better for small to medium ecommerce sites


Wix is known for its incredibly easy to use and learn user interface. The company, although disliked by some marketing experts, is truly geared towards the needs of the less tech-savvy business creators.


  • Easy Setup
  • Simple to Use
  • Drag and Drop Design
  • Free Apps
  • SEO Help
  • Payment Support
  • Tax and Shipping calculated
  • Google Analytics with premium plans
  • Save money by paying ahead for your plan
  • Support by WIX, no third parties or other companies


  • Not able to modify code
  • Not usable for big ecommerce sites
  • No SSL Certificate
  • Ads
  • Not always as mobile friendly as you would like

WIX and WordPress have some fantastic features for those who are looking to start a business online.

If you like a lot of options, is interested in programming, has patience to learn new things, and likes to customize every detail of your website, then WordPress is for you. However, if you’re the person who prefers to let the website build itself and are more interested in creating eye-catching designs, then stick with WIX.

If you need help with anything website related, contact us on 02 8011 3737 or email hello@chevrontechnologies.com.au and setup a time to connect you with technology today. We are your local Website Design business in the Campbelltown & Macarthur region.


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