Google Analytics, Does it work for you?

Google analytics does it work for you?Google Analytics provides you access for FREE to statistics about your website, and how end users are interacting with your website.

  • Information you can view includes:
    • Real time data
    • Audience data
    • Acquisition data
    • Behaviour data
    • Conversion data
  • Audience Overview includes how the visitor arrived at your website, the demographics of the users who visit your website, the system information of the users who visit and session information such as page views and session duration.
  • Acquisition Overview includes information about the traffic that is visiting your website, so if they are direct, from search engines, from paid advertising sources etc. Information such as what type of device, i.e. PC or Mobile is being used is recorded here as well.
  • Behaviour Overview is all about how visitors have been interacting with your website. Such as what was the landing page, what page did they exit on, how long did they stay at your website for, what content did they view. This is important information to analyse what pages work and what do not.
  • Conversion Overview contains information about any Goals, E-commerce data you can/have setup to be recorded. A Goal is defined as for example a visitor landing Home -> Product -> Cart -> Checkout -> Thank You. This is a goal, a visitor lands at Home and the goal is get to the end of your E-commerce system by purchasing and finishing on the Thank You page. This is an Advanced configuration of Google Analytics and not necessary for every website.

If you need help with either setting up Google Analytics, or just with setting up the basics and taking advantage of the system and its information, contact us on 02 8011 3737 or email and setup a time to connect you with technology today. We are your local Website Support and Development business in the Campbelltown & Macarthur region.

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