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Services means website or database development, web hosting and consulting. the Website means the website https://simplywordpress.sydney We / Us etc means SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY and any subsidiaries, affiliates, employees, officers, agents or assigns.

Accuracy of content

We have taken proper care and precautions to ensure that the information we provide on this Website is accurate. However, we cannot guarantee, nor do we accept any legal liability arising from or connected to, the accuracy, reliability, currency or completeness of anything contained on this Website or on any linked site.
The information contained on this Website should not take the place of professional advice.


The Website is made available for your use on your acceptance and compliance with these terms and conditions. By using this Website, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. You agree that you will use this website in accordance with all applicable local, state, national and international laws, rules and regulations.

You agree that you will not use, nor will you allow or authorise any third party to use, the Website for any purpose that is unlawful, defamatory, harassing, abusive, fraudulent or obscene way or in any other inappropriate way or in a way which conflicts with the Website or the Services.

If you contribute to our forum (if any) or make any public comments on this Website which are, in our opinion, unlawful, defamatory, harassing, abusive, fraudulent or obscene or in any other way inappropriate or which conflict with the Website or the Services offered, then we may at our discretion, refuse to publish such comments and/or remove them from the Website.

We reserve the right to refuse or terminate service to anyone at any time without notice or reason.

Passwords and logins

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your passwords and login details and for all activities carried out under your password and login.

Indemnification for loss or damage

You agree to indemnify Us and hold Us harmless from and against any and all liabilities or expenses arising from or in any way related to your use of this Website or the Services or information offered on this Website, including any liability or expense arising from all claims, losses, damages (actual and consequential), suits, judgments, litigation costs and solicitors fees of every kind and nature incurred by you or any third parties through you.

Intellectual property and copyrights

We hold the copyright to the content of this Website, including all uploaded files, layout design, data, graphics, articles, file content, codes, news, tutorials, videos, reviews, forum posts and databases contained on the Website or in connection with the Services. You must not use or replicate our copyright material other than as permitted by law. Specifically, you must not use or replicate our copyright material for commercial purposes unless expressly agreed to by Us, in which case we may require you to sign a Licence Agreement.

If you wish to use content, images or other of our intellectual property, you should submit your request to us at the following email address:



The trademarks and logos contained on this Website are trademarks SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY. Use of these trademarks is strictly prohibited except with Our express, written consent.

Links to external websites

This Website may contain links that direct you outside of this Website. These links are provided for your convenience and are not an express or implied indication that we endorse or approve of the linked Website, it’s contents or any associated website, product or service. We accept no liability for loss or damage arising out of or in connection to your use of these sites.

You may link to our articles or home page. However, you should not provide a link which suggests any association, approval or endorsement on our part in respect to your website, unless we have expressly agreed in writing. We may withdraw our consent to you linking to our site at any time by notice to you.

Limitation of Liability

We take no responsibility for the accuracy of any of the content or statements contained on this Website or in relation to our Services. Statements made are by way of general comment only and you should satisfy yourself as to their accuracy. Further, all of our Services are provided without a warranty with the exception of any warranties provided by law. We are not liable for any damages whatsoever, incurred as a result of or relating to the use of the Website or our Services.

Information Collection

Use of information you have provided us with, or that we have collected and retained relating to your use of the Website and/or our Services, is governed by our Privacy Policy. By using this Website and the Services associated with this Website, you are agreeing to the Privacy Policy. To view our Privacy Policy and read more about why we collect personal information from you and how we use that information, click here.


All personal information you give us will be dealt with in a confidential manner in accordance with our Privacy Policy. However, due to circumstances outside of our control, we cannot guarantee that all aspects of your use of this Website will be confidential due to the potential ability of third parties to intercept and access such information.

Governing Law

These terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of New South Wales, Australia. Any disputes concerning this website are to be resolved by the courts having jurisdiction in New South Wales.

We retain the right to bring proceedings against you for breach of these Terms and Conditions, in your country of residence or any other appropriate country or jurisdiction.

Ineligible businesses and sites

Our goal is to help small businesses succeed online. For those customers looking for professional help we offer ‘do it for me’ services to help manage their WordPress websites. While our skills are broad, there are a few types of businesses we do not build sites for.

Sites/Stores Must:

  • Be appropriately licensed and compliant with all local laws for the jurisdictions in which they do business.
  • Adhere to mailing guidelines and policies set forth by the USPS and/or respective shipping companies.

Prohibited Sites/Stores:

  • Illegal items and items that encourage, promote, facilitate, or instruct others to engage in illegal activity
  • Controlled substances and illegal drugs (including prescription drugs)
    This includes, but is not limited to, items used to manufacture controlled substances and/or drug paraphernalia. (See below for Marijuana themed allowances.)
  • Sale or advertisement of electronic cigarettes (“e-cigarettes”) and Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (including, e-hookah, vape pens, advanced refillable personal vaporizers and electronic pipes) (collectively referred to as “ENDS”) pre-loaded with a tobacco or a tobacco-derived substance.
  • Adult sites and services, and related offensive material such as pornography and escort sites (See below for Adult themed allowances.)
  • Credit or debit cards (active or inactive)
  • Domain names
  • Sites selling stolen or unauthorized items, including counterfeit products such as copies of movies (VHS, DVD, etc.), software, and other trademarks
  • Products that have been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
  • Hatred & Intolerance: We do not allow the promotion of content that incites or endorses hatred against others. Content that inappropriately discriminates against a person or group or that seeks to intimidate, exploit, or humiliate others.
  • Sale of weapons, gunpowder and other explosives.
Adult themed allowances
Can Include Cannot Include
Adult toys for sale Site that displays pornography
Informational site for a strip club (cannot include nude imagery) Site that solicits sexual activities (e.g. escort site with services listed)
Informational site for an adult store (cannot include nude imagery) Site that is selling used undergarments
Nude imagery as it pertains to art (images of the statue of David) Imagery of adult products being used
Nude imagery as it pertains to the medical field (breast before and after images for a breast cancer specialist) Nude imagery (this does not include nudes used for medical sites or art)


Marijuana themed allowances
Can Include Cannot Include
Informational site for a dispensary, including imagery of marijuana Sale of Marijuana
T-shirts or swag items with marijuana leaf images Sale of products that contain THC as an ingredient
Items for sale made from hemp (e.g. cloths, rope) Sale of paraphernalia (e.g. bongs, pipes)
Prices for marijuana, paraphernalia, and products that contain THC or CBD oil, as along as sales do not occur on the site Sale of Cannabidiol (CBD) oil products (e.g. tinctures, vape juice, concentrates, edibles, etc.)

 Note: In regard to a web store, you’re responsible for ensuring that any product posted for sale on your website is in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations where your items can be purchased. We reserve the right and sole discretion to determine whether the sale of any particular item is illegal or otherwise prohibited and/or cancel your Services.

Additional Plan information

Payment Schedule

Payment schedule as detailed in agreement.

Automatic subscription Direct Debit payment details are to be provided and must be completed and submitted with this signed agreement before work / project commences.

A failed Direct Debit payment fee of $9.79 will be charged if the automatic direct debit is declined.

The current agreed rate for this work agreement is based on the selected pricing package.

A ‘New Website’ you are agreeing to a 12 month minimum repayment term. The agreement can be discharged at any time by the customer upon full repayment of outstanding charges.

For ‘Existing Websites’ payments are due month to month at prescribed plan rates. This agreement is not binding and can be discharged at any time by the customer or service provider.

All payment plans are subject to change and price increases/decreases at any time.

Confidentiality A party must not, without the prior written consent of the other, use or disclose the other party’s Confidential Information unless expressly permitted by this Agreement or required to do so by law or any regulatory authority.
Intellectual Property

The Supplier grants to the Customer a non-exclusive license to:

Use all existing and future Intellectual Property Rights in the Website including the Website Design and content provided under this Agreement for the purpose of the publication of the Website on the internet;

Consumer Guarantees: Services Must be provided with acceptable care and skill or technical knowledge and taking all necessary steps to avoid loss and damage
Must be fit for the purpose or give the results that you and the business had agreed to
Must be delivered within a reasonable time when there is no agreed end date.
Consumer Guarantees: Exceptions to Guarantees

Consumer guarantees do not apply if you:
– got what you asked for but simply changed your mind, found it cheaper somewhere else, decided you did not like the purchase or had no use for it

– misused a product in any way that caused the problem

– knew of or were made aware of the faults before you bought the product

– asked for a service to be done in a certain way against the advice of the business or were unclear about what you wanted

Rights to a repair, replacement, refund, cancellation or compensation do not apply to items:

– worth more than $40 000 purely for business use, such as machinery or farming equipment

– you plan to on-sell or change so that you can re-supply as a business

– bought as a one-off from a private seller, for example at a garage sale or fete (but you do have rights to full title, undisturbed possession and no unknown debts or extra charges)

– bought at auction where the auctioneer acted as an agent for the owner (but you do have rights to full title, undisturbed possession and no unknown debts or extra charges).



Direct Debit Terms and Conditions

My authority to SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY to direct debit my account


• make periodic direct debits of my account for the Principal’s fees;

• make periodic direct debits of my account for SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY’s fees and charges including:

– SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY’s fee for the direct debit service;

– SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY’s fee for securely maintaining my data;

– SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY’s fee for establishing my account; and

– SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY’s fee in the event that I fail to meet a periodic direct debit;

• make the periodic direct debits in accordance with:

– the payment arrangement for the Principal’s fees outlined in Section B;

– SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY fees and charges as published on the SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY website;

– these Terms and Conditions; and

– any agreement between SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY and the Principal.

2. I will:

• refer any disputed debit item or amount to the Principal.

My acknowledgment of who the parties are and what they do:

3. The Principal is:

• the organisation referred to as Principal on the front of this Direct Debit Request Form; and

• the provider of goods or services to me.


• the direct debit agent of the Principal;

• the organisation which debits my account and keeps my data secure; but

• not otherwise a provider of goods or services to me.


• have any express or implied liability in relation to goods or services provided by Principal; or

• have any obligation to provide a tax invoice to me for its fees and charges.

6. There are separate Agreements between:

• SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY and me (recorded in this document);

• the Principal and me; and


My acknowledgment of when SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY may terminate this Direct Debit Authority


• terminate this Direct Debit Authority and cease to provide the direct debit service at any time by written notice sent by mail or email.

My acknowledgment of when I may terminate this Direct Debit Authority and what may happen.

8. I may:

• terminate this Direct Debit Authority by providing seven (7) days written notice to SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY.

9. If I give notice to terminate this Direct Debit Authority, SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY may:

• make any periodic direct debits due within the seven (7) days notice period.

10. If a Direct Debit Authority is terminated by either party,

• any contracts, agreements or payment obligations I have with the Principal will not be a_ected. My authority for the amount of the periodic direct debits of the Principal’s fees to be varied

11. I authorise the Principal to:

• vary the amount, frequency and date of the periodic direct debits of its fees from time to time; and

• vary the periodic direct debits of its fees in accordance with my agreement with the Principal;

Provided that:

• the Principal makes reasonable attempts to provide prior notice to me.


• vary the amount, frequency and date of the periodic direct debits of the Principal’s fees from time to time if instructed by the Principal;

Provided that:

• SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY is not on notice that the Principal has not made reasonable attempts to provide prior notice to me; and

• SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY is not on notice that the variation is not otherwise in accordance with my agreement with the Principal.

My authority for the amount of the periodic direct debits of SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY’s fees and charges to be varied


• increase the rates of its fees and charges without prior notice on the 30th June of each year by CPI or 5%, whichever is greatest.


• increase the rates of its fees and charges by more than CPI or 5% or at times other than 30 June,


• SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY makes reasonable attempts to provide prior notice to me in time for me to terminate this Direct Debit Authority.

My acknowledgement of what may happen if the amount of the periodic direct debit is varied

15. If SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY, in compliance with these Terms and Conditions, varies the amount of the periodic direct debit,

• SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY will do so without requiring a signed agreement; and

• SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY will do so without requiring a new Direct Debit Request Form.

My acknowledgment of when these Terms and Conditions may be varied


• vary these Terms and Conditions by posting a new version on its website.


• notify the amended Terms and Conditions other than on its website; or

• use this method to vary the amount of the periodic direct debits.

18. I will:

• check SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY’s website from time to time for variations to these Terms and Conditions.

19. Any amended Terms and Conditions will apply to SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY and I if:

• SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY posts the amended version on its website;

• 14 days after posting, I have not objected; and

• 14 days after posting, I have not terminated the Direct Debit Authority.

My acknowledgment of my responsibility in relation to periodic direct debits

20. I must:

• inform SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY or the Principal of any changes to my account;

• inform SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY or the Principal of any changes to my contact details;

• do all things reasonably necessary to facilitate the periodic direct debiting of my account in accordance with these Terms and Conditions;

• have a suitable account available for the periodic direct debits; and

• have sufficient funds available in my account for the periodic direct debits.

My acknowledgment of what may happen if I have insufficient funds

21. If I do not have sufficient funds in my account for the periodic direct debits and I do not have a genuine dispute with the Principal or SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY,


• charge me a failed payment fee for each unsuccessful debit;

• charge me the failed payment fee at the rate published on the SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY website from time to time;

• charge me the failed payment fee even though I have also been charged a fee by my financial institution;

• charge me collection fees;

• charge me legal fees; and

• in conjunction with the Principal, implement re-debit measures to recover any outstanding amounts.


• be liable for any fees or charges which arise because I had insufficient funds in my account; or

• provide any information or explanation regarding unsuccessful debits of my account.

23. I must:

• direct any enquiries about unsuccessful debits of my account to my financial institution.

My acknowledgment of what may happen if I claim a refund

24. If I claim a refund ,

• SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY will not be under any obligation to pay it;

• however, SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY will conduct itself in accordance with its Refund Policy.

Variations to debit amounts due to external factors My acknowledgment of when a delay might occur

25. A delay may occur in the processing of a periodic direct debit if:

• there is a public or bank holiday on the day or the day after a payment is due to be made by direct entry;

• a payment is received either on a day which is not a banking business day or after the normal close of business on a banking business day;

• SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY does not receive the Direct Debit Request form in time to process the request prior to the first due periodic direct debit;

• SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY does not receive a request for variation in time to process the request prior to the next due periodic direct debit;

• information supplied on a Direct Debit Request Form or any requested variation is incomplete, incorrect, illegible or, for any other reason, does not allow SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY to process the information promptly;

• I do not meet my responsibility to have sufficient funds available in my account; or • there are failures or difficulties with technology.

My acknowledgment of what SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY will and will not do in relation to variations with periodic direct debits


• make reasonable attempts to minimise any variance to amounts of periodic direct debits affected by exchange rate fluctuations; and 

• make reasonable attempts to minimise any variance to amounts of periodic direct debits affected by factors within its control.

27. SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY will not be responsible or liable for any variance to or shortfall to debit amounts of periodic direct debits caused by:

• exchange rate fluctuations;

• delay as referred to above;

• external factors beyond the control of SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY;

• the date on which a periodic direct debit is processed by SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY’s Sponsoring Financial Institution; or

• the timing of when a periodic direct debit is requested and processed.

28. SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY will not be liable for any faults in the direct debiting of my account caused by:

• fraudulent activity;

• security hacking;

• environmental disasters;

• failure of technology systems used by SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY;

• any fault in the technology systems used by SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY for direct debiting; or

• any delay or interruption caused by the technology systems used by SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY to facilitate direct debiting.

My authority for SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY to communicate with me:

29. I authorise SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY to communicate with me to:

• validate and confirm my identify;

• validate and confirm my bank account details;

• validate and confirm my authority for periodic direct debits;

• assist the Principal to service and promote its products; and

• promote third party products.


• provide specific customer access on its website;

• communicate with me by all other available means;

• advertise related and unrelated products on its website;

• inform me of products, services or special offers relating to the provision of its direct debit service and other related financial service products;

• inform me of products, services or special offers for third party products whether related to SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY services or not; and

• notify me in the event of termination of the agreement between SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY and the Principal.

My authority to SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY to service my account:


• verify the details of my account with my financial institution;

• release personal information about me to assist a debt collection agency to recover any outstanding payment from me; and

• release such information as is reasonably required by my financial institution in relation to an incorrect or wrongful debit.

31. I authorise my financial institution to:

• release such information to SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY as is necessary to allow SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY to verify my bank account details.

I acknowledge that:

• if any of these Terms and Conditions or any part of them is illegal or invalid, then only those terms and conditions or that part of them will be void and the remainder will remain in full force and e_ect.

32. I acknowledge that SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY may:

• charge a data handling fee of up to $3.00 inclusive of GST payable quarterly.

• charge the data handling fee, payable for the quarter prior, in October, January, April, and July each year.

I acknowledge that the SIMPLYWORDPRESS.SYDNEY Privacy Policy and Refund Policy can be found at https://simplywordpress.sydney.


Phone: 8011 3737

Email: hello@chevrontechnologies.com.au


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