Event planning requires a massive amount of work, and managing the guest list is no small part of that. Fortunately, unlike dealing with catering or hiring a DJ, keeping track of RSVPs is a process you can automate with the right WordPress plugin.

In this article, we’ll first discuss some use cases for WordPress RSVP plugins. Then we’ll introduce you to our top picks and help you choose the right one for your website.

Let’s get to it!

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Why You May Need a WordPress RSVP Plugin

RSVPing for an event is easy. In most cases, it will only take you a few minutes to do so. However, if you’re the one managing responses and following up with guests who haven’t sent in their replies, that is a whole different issue.

If you’re in charge of planning any kind of big event – such as a wedding, conference, business seminar, fundraiser, or even a concert – following up with RSVPs for hundreds of guests takes time. Fortunately, you can automate the process by using the right plugins.

With the right RSVP plugin, you can create a system where people can confirm their plans to attend your event online at their leisure. Depending on which one you use, you may be able to send automatic email reminders, enable attendees to include notes, and even process payments for paid events. Booking plugins, which tend to work best for appointments and 1:1 meetings may be something you need for certain parts of your business, but if you are simply throwing a party, an RSVP plugin is what you’re after.

5 of the Best RSVP Plugins for WordPress Websites

Whether you’re creating a wedding RSVP website or organizing a conference, there’s a plugin that’s perfect for the job. Most of the ones we’ve highlighted below focus on event management. However, there are also some you can use to set up simple RSVP forms if you need something that’s a little more flexible.

All of our top picks receive regular updates and have at least a four-and-a-half-star rating in the WordPress Plugin Directory. We’ve listed them in no particular order.

1. WP Forms

You’re probably familiar with WP Forms – it’s one of the most popular WordPress form plugins on the market. It’s also an excellent option to implement RSVP functionality.

The free version of WP Forms doesn’t include RSVP templates. However, you can use its default fields to put together simple forms with checkboxes and ‘yes/no’ options for visitors to confirm their attendance to any type of event.

If you upgrade to WP Forms Pro, you can also include event maps alongside your forms. Other fields available in the premium version include clickable phone fields, date and time information, and more. These aren’t necessary to set up basic RSVP forms, but they can come in handy if you want to use your website to manage multiple events.

Compared to Ninja Forms, WP Forms loses a point or two since it doesn’t include RSVP form templates for its free version. However, if you use its premium version, then its extra fields make it a more comprehensive option.

Key Features:

Set up simple forms using a drag-and-drop builder
Use ‘yes/no’ and checkbox fields to design a classic RSVP form
Configure notifications for new form submissions
Include a venue map with your form (premium version)

Price: Free with a premium option available

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2. Registrations for The Events Calendar

We’ve reviewed The Events Calendar in the past, which is one of many great WordPress events calendar plugins available today. It’s a plugin that enables you to display a calendar on your website to showcase any number of events you want. You can also share event information, times, venues, and much more.

Registrations for The Events Calendar is a free add-on that incorporates RSVP functionality into the parent plugin. With this feature, visitors can see a quick glimpse of how many people are already planning to attend an event and sign up by leaving a few personal details.

The plugin enables you to customize your RSVP forms and automatically sends a confirmation email to attendees, including all the event’s key details. You can use it to create forms for any type of event you want, and it enables you to browse your list of confirmed attendees from your dashboard.

Key Features:

Add RSVP functionality to The Events Calendar
Customize your RSVP forms
Receive notifications for new signups
Browse your lists of attendees at any time

Price: Free with a premium version available

Get Registrations for The Events Calendar

3. RSVP and Event Management Plugin

The developer of the RSVP and Event Management Plugin built it with his own wedding in mind, and it shows when you take a look at its features. On top of basic RSVP functionality, it enables guests to add their plus ones as well. It also offers the option to associate with specific guests, so large groups or families can reply all at once.

The RSVP and Event Management Plugin form is custom-built for weddings, too. It includes options for guests to select their meal choices, including vegetarian and kid’s meals. If you need a straightforward plugin for a wedding RSVP website, this is it.

Key Features:

Set up an RSVP form for weddings (or other events)
Inquire about your guests’ dietary requirements
Enable attendees to add guests when they RSVP
Enable groups to RSVP together
Browse your list of attendees from your dashboard

Price: Free with a premium version available

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4. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is not precisely an RSVP plugin. It’s a form builder with drag-and-drop functionality. Using it, you can create forms for email signups, collecting feedback, user registration, event RSVPs, and more.

There are a lot of great WordPress form plugins that offer similar functionality. However, Ninja Forms has an edge when it comes to RSVPs because it provides an events registration template out of the box. Most other form-builder plugins only offer this feature through paid add-ons.

One downside to using Ninja Forms for collecting RSVPs is that it doesn’t include as many event information and description options as some of the plugins we listed above. If you want to add a calendar or display a venue map, you’ll need a separate tool for that.

Key Features:

Provides an event registration form template
Enables you to build custom event registration forms using a broad range of pre-built fields
Processes payments for attendees using popular payment gateways

Price: Free with a premium option available

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5. RSVPMaker

RSVPMaker is a lightweight WordPress plugin that specializes in RSVP management. It allows users to create an unlimited number of events, both virtual and in-person, and collect attendee information as desired. Additionally, for events that require payment, RSVPMaker offers the option to accept payments through PayPal or Stripe. Rather than attempting to include every possible feature, the plugin focuses on providing a solid base that can be adapted to meet specific requirements.

Whether you’re planning a small meeting, a conference, or a fundraising event, RSVPMaker provides a range of customizable features and functionality to help you manage your event planning and registration process.

Key Features for RSVPMaker:

Lightweight and extensible RSVP plugin for WordPress
Unlimited creation of virtual or in-person events
Attendee registration with customizable data collection
Acceptance of payments via PayPal or Stripe for paid events
A strong foundation for customization according to user needs
Easy-to-use event editor with a range of templates for different types of events.

One of the key benefits of RSVPMaker is its flexibility and customization options. Users can tailor their event listings, registration forms, and email communications to fit the unique needs of their event and their audience. This can help improve engagement, increase attendance, and streamline the registration and communication process.

Price: Free

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Which One is The Best RSVP Plugin for WordPress?

Whether you’re planning one big event or you make a living organizing them all year round, setting up a system to help you deal with RSVPs is a brilliant move. A WordPress RSVP plugin can save you significant time and money over contacting each guest or hiring someone to take care of it.

PluginPriceFree Option

🥇WP Forms$49.50/yr✔️Visit

🥈Registrations for The Events Calendar$99.00/yr✔️Visit

🥉RSVO and Event Management Plugin$99.00/yr✔️Visit

4Ninja Forms$49.00/yr✔️Visit


If you want to set up an RSVP website using WordPress, these are our top two choices:

WP Forms: An easy-to-use tool that enables you to quickly build RSVP forms.
Registration for The Events Calendar: Adds RSVP functionality to The Events Calendar.

Do you have any questions about WordPress RSVP plugins and how to use them? Let’s talk about them in the comments section below!

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