In today’s digital age, the internet has become the go-to resource for consumers seeking businesses, products, and services. However, with so many options available online, shoppers often feel overwhelmed and uncertain about where to turn. As a result, they rely heavily on the opinions and feedback of others to help guide their purchasing decisions. That’s where customer testimonials come in. By showcasing the experiences and satisfaction of previous customers, businesses can build trust and credibility with potential buyers. But how can you effectively display these testimonials on your WordPress site? Fortunately, there are a variety of best WordPress testimonial plugins available to help you do just that.

From simple display options to more advanced features like review management and social proof integration, these plugins offer a range of solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries. In this post, we’ll introduce ten of the best WordPress testimonial plugins currently available. Whether you’re looking for a basic, no-frills option or a more robust tool with advanced functionality, there’s sure to be a plugin on this list that meets your needs. So without further ado, let’s dive in and explore the top WordPress testimonial plugins.

What is a WordPress Testimonial Plugin?

A WordPress testimonial plugin is a tool that allows website owners to display testimonials or reviews from their clients or customers on their WordPress website. Moreover, it provides an easy way to collect and showcase social proof to potential clients or customers. Essentially, this plugin serves as a powerful marketing tool for businesses looking to build trust and credibility with their audience.

A WordPress testimonial plugin usually comes with features that enable users to customize the look and feel of the testimonials, such as adding photos, filtering by category or tag, and displaying them in different formats, such as sliders, grids, or carousels. Some plugins also allow users to collect testimonials directly on their website, either through a form or via social media integration.

It’s a great way to show potential clients your success stories and get them interested in your brand.

Furthermore, it’s important to keep in mind that testimonials should be authentic and genuine. Don’t be tempted to fabricate or manipulate reviews, as this can backfire and damage your reputation in the long run. Instead, encourage satisfied customers to share their feedback and use their words to showcase the value of your products or services.

Ultimately, the right WordPress testimonial plugin can help you effectively showcase customer reviews and build trust with potential buyers. So, by carefully considering your options and selecting a plugin that meets your specific needs, you can create a powerful tool for boosting sales and growing your business.

Top 10 WordPress Testimonial Plugins

To compile this list, we took into account customer ratings and reviews, sales and activation installations, features, and price. We’ve also included a few top Divi Extensions for Elegant Themes members to try out.

Let’s get started!

1. Strong Testimonials

First up, Strong Testimonials is a popular, feature-rich freemium WordPress testimonial plugin. It lets you quickly and easily display client feedback. This plugin also offers a handful of layouts and lets you customize the background and font colors. That includes a choice between light and dark themes.

In addition, this tool features a simple, easy-to-use interface that helps you quickly fill out customer testimonial information:

Also, the free version comes with standard features, including a form builder and editor:

The above screen lets you quickly rearrange and modify the form fields on your customer testimonials. Furthermore, the Pro version also comes with various additional settings and options. For example, you have the ability to create multiple forms.

Key Features:

Review imports from a variety of platforms, including Facebook, Yelp, and Google My Business
Testimonial collection forms
Grid, masonry, carousel, and slider layouts
Color customization options with light and dark themes
Ability to add translations with WPML, Polylang, and WPGlobus
Custom notification emails
Anti-spam form protection

Strong Testimonials is for you if…

… you’re looking for an easy-to-use tool that is beginner-friendly. It’s also a strong option if you want a few customization options without having to sort through a lot of features.

Price: Free, with a premium version starting at $29.00/yr

Get Strong Testimonials

2. Real Testimonials

Next up is Real Testimonials, a handy tool for displaying feedback on your site. You can also use it to add reviews or quotes from your customers. Then you can display them with an easy-to-use shortcode generator:

This solution includes all the basics you should expect from the best WordPress testimonial plugins, such as areas for each customer’s name, a title, an image, and a star rating. However, it also offers a lot of customization options for its slider transitions and “play mode.”

For instance, you can set your testimonials slider to auto-play and have it stop when a user hovers over it. This feature provides a seamless user experience, as visitors can interact with the slider without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

Key Features:

Beginner-friendly and intuitive interface
Shortcode generator
Option to add unlimited testimonials
AutoPlay feature
Control over the number of testimonials to display
Star rating system
Color customization options
Translation with WPML, Polylang, WPGlobus, Google Language Translator, and more compliant JSON-LD markup

Real Testimonial is for you if…

… you’re looking for a lightweight plugin that provides the standard features for displaying testimonials on your site. It’s also worth considering if you want to showcase the testimonials as a slider rather than as a grid or carousel.

Price: Free, with a premium version starting at $49/yr

Get Real Testimonials

3. Thrive Ovation

Thrive Ovation is a powerful plugin part of the Thrive Themes suite. It makes it easy for website owners to collect and manage customer testimonials on their WordPress websites. With Thrive Ovation, website owners can gather testimonials from multiple sources, including social media, email, and other sources, and then display them on their websites in various ways.

Key Features of Thrive Ovation:

Automated testimonial requests
Customizable forms for gathering customer feedback
A range of templates for displaying testimonials in different ways
Tools for managing and organizing customer feedback

One of the key benefits of the plugin is its automated testimonial request feature. This feature allows website owners to automatically request testimonials from customers after they’ve made a purchase or completed some other action on the website. Consequently, this saves time and effort for website owners. Additionally, it increases the likelihood of receiving valuable testimonials.

Moreover, the plugin also offers customizable email templates, which allow website owners to personalize the message sent to customers requesting a testimonial. This can help increase the chances of receiving a response and a high-quality testimonial.

Thrive Ovation is for you if…

You are using Thrive Themes and want to boost your credibility and improve conversion rates. This plugin is ideal for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large corporations.

Pricing: $49 per year for a single-site license

Get Thrive Ovation

4. WP Testimonials with Widget

WP Testimonials with Widget is a flexible, freemium tool that offers many customization options. In addition to making it easy to gather and showcase client reviews, you can also easily organize them using tags and categories.  Additionally, it provides a simple form that asks for basic information:

You can add all the testimonials you need via shortcodes or blocks. Then you can use the included parameters to further tailor their appearance. Alternatively, you can use the plugin’s dedicated widget, which also provides the same customization options as the shortcode.

Key Features:

Input fields for title, testimonial content, company, site URL, and photo
Testimonial categories and tags
Gutenberg block
More than 15 designs (premium only)
Star rating system (premium only)

WP Testimonials with Rotator Widget is for you if…

… you need some of the other tools included in the WP OnlineSupport Essential Plugin bundle. Otherwise, the premium version can be pretty pricey. While the free version offers some basic functionality, you’ll likely want to upgrade to pro to get the most out of this tool.

Price: Free, with the premium version included in a bundle for $169/yr

Get WP Testimonials with Widget

5. Site Reviews

With the Site Reviews plugin, you can enable customers, clients, and users to submit star ratings from one to five on your site. It’s also a streamlined solution. That makes it ideal if you want a no-frills, zero-hassle way to accept ratings.

The features and functionality on offer are also straightforward. For example, you can “pin” the best client reviews, so they are listed first on the front end. You can also configure the settings so that checks must be moderated before they’re published:

This feature is helpful in controlling and minimizing any unfair, spam, or negative reviews. Site Reviews also lets you only allow ratings from logged-in users, which is very useful if you have a membership site.

Key Features:

One-to-five star rating system
Option to use shortcodes and blocks
Ability to pin the best reviews, so they appear first
New submission approval
Rating comment functionality
Custom notifications for new submissions
Integration with WooCommerce Reviews

Site Reviews is for you if…

… you want to give your users a quick and easy way to submit star ratings. It’s also a handy tool if you’re looking for a solution that gives you a lot of control and moderation options.

Price: Free

Get Site Reviews

6. WP Customer Reviews

Next on our list, WP Customer Reviews is another completely free WordPress testimonial plugin. This tool makes displaying customer feedback on your site as easy as possible.

With it, you can create a page on your site that’s dedicated to client testimonials. That feedback can be about your business in general or a specific product. Then you can add a form to collect reviews from your users:

This is a simple solution when compared to many other options, but it’s reliable, and it gets the job done. With over 40,000 active WordPress installations and a 4.5 out of 5-star rating, it’s also quite a popular solution. Best of all, it offers a robust feature set for a free plugin.

Key Features:

WordPress multisite compatible
Ability to moderate submissions
Anti-spam features to minimize and block spam reviews
Customizable fields and the option to add your own
Shortcode generator
Ability to respond to reviews

WP Customer Reviews is for you if…

… you’re looking for a free plugin for displaying testimonials. It’s also a strong option if you want to be able to customize your form fields.

Price: Free

Get WP Customer Reviews

7. Testimonial Builder

With Testimonial Builder, you get a simple yet intuitive WordPress testimonial plugin with plenty of customization options. In addition to choosing your own colors for the display, you can also select the fonts and font sizes you want. This helps ensure that your testimonials look stunning on your existing site:

Moreover, this plugin enables you to display customer feedback in either a grid or list style, and you can customize its appearance using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. This feature ensures that you can create visually appealing testimonials that capture visitors’ attention and promote trust in your brand.

Key Features:

Two design themes
Color customizations
Option to add custom CSS code
Customizable font and font styles

Testimonial Builder is for you if…

… you want an inexpensive but highly-flexible testimonial plugin.

Price: Free, with a premium version starting at $14

Get Testimonial Builder

For Elegant Themes Members

8. Divi Carousel Module

If you’re a Divi user, you can use our Divi Carousel Module to display testimonials on your site. This powerful, feature-rich extension offers many content carousels to choose from. This includes options that are specifically designed for displaying testimonials. It’s also our most powerful and beginner-friendly plugin!

Key Features:

Unlimited site usage
30-day money-back guarantee
Ability to design an unlimited number of carousels
Intuitive interface
Slider options, including loop, autoplay, and pause
Lightbox functionality
Image overlay with or without an icon
Multiple content areas with a rating system

Divi Carousel Module is for you if…

… you’re an Elegant Themes member and want more than a basic way to display testimonials. Also, this plugin is highly recommended if you need multiple types of content carousels on your site.

Price: $29

Get Divi Carousel

9. Divi Testimonial Extended

Next up, Divi Testimonial Extended provides you with a variety of options for creating stunning testimonials. You get access to multiple layout options, sliders, grids, custom post types, and more. There’s also an easy-to-use form builder:

As far as the best WordPress testimonial plugins go, you can’t go wrong with this extension. That’s especially true if you’re already using Divi. It offers you a high amount of control. Therefore, you can make sure customer feedback integrates seamlessly with your site’s design and branding.

Key Features:

More than 20 layout options
Slider and grid views
Testimonial Categories
Four testimonial slider animations
Custom post type
Multiple column control for each layout
Multiple pagination styles

Divi Testimonial Extended is for you if…

… you want a premium tool for your Divi site that comes with as many testimonial-related features and layouts as possible.

Price: $49

Get Divi Testimonial

10. Testify Testimonial Carousel

Last but not least, Testify Testimonial Carousel is another powerful, premium tool. It provides you with a lot of features and customization options for showcasing stunning testimonials:

It’s also fully compatible with Divi and is easy to use. This tool offers a handful of widget design options for displaying testimonials. In addition to being beginner-friendly, Testify Testimonial Carousel is fully responsive and highly customizable in addition to being beginner-friendly.

Key Features:

Unlimited site usage
30-day money-back guarantee
Full integration with the Divi Builder
Option to add custom CSS
Multiple layout choices
Ability to integrate with popular form builder plugins

Testify Testimonial Carousel is for you if…

… you’re a Divi user and want a simple, clean, and highly-flexible extension for designing and customizing testimonial sections on your site.

Price: $49

Get Divi Testimonial

Wrapping Up WordPress Testimonial Plug

PluginPriceFree Option

🥇Strong Testimonials$29.00/yr✔️Visit

🥈Nextend Social Login and Register$49.00/yr✔️Visit

🥉Thrive Ovation$49.00/yr❌Visit

4WP Testimonials with Widget$169.00/yr✔️Visit

5Site ReviewsFree✔️Visit

6WP Customer ReviewsFree✔️Visit

7Testimonial Builder$14/lifetime✔️Visit

Displaying customer reviews on your site is a great way to add social proof. It also shows visitors that your business is trustworthy. However, with so many options to choose from, figuring out which WordPress testimonial plugin to use can be tricky. Based on our research, we highly recommend the Strong Testimonials plugin. Not only does it offer extensive features, including customizable templates, multiple display options, and rich snippet support, but it is also user-friendly and easy to set up.

In addition to considering your budget and the specific features you’re looking for, we also suggest thinking about compatibility. For example, if you’re a Divi user, we highly recommend checking out our dedicated extensions, such as the Divi Carousel Module.

Do you have any questions about using a testimonial plugin on your WordPress site? Let us know in the comments section below!

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