Food blogs and instructional cooking sites are some of the most popular websites on the net. Since there are so many websites dedicated to preparing food, it can be difficult for them to stand out from the crowd. Like the food itself, recipes need great presentation. This is where a WordPress recipe plugin is crucial.

Fortunately, there are lots of recipe plugins available to help you present your recipes in the best way possible. They even provide special features and improve your SEO. In this article, we’ll look at the best WordPress recipe plugins and help you decide which is best for your needs.

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What is a WordPress Recipe Plugin and Why do You Need One?

WordPress recipe plugins add recipe cards to your posts and pages to display images, videos, ingredients, and instructions for making the food. They also include information about the food and recipe such as cooking time, number of servings, nutritional information, etc.

Recipes can be created by hand, but a plugin provides lots of advantages. For example, they improve your SEO for Google and Pinterest searches and pins using JSON-LD and structured data. They also provide other features such as printing, scaling the serving size, social sharing, styling, and lots more. Many include templates designed for publishing recipes.

There are many WordPress recipe plugins to choose from. Most have both a free and a premium version. We’ll look at both types.

10 Best WordPress Recipe Plugins

When considering which plugins to feature, we considered several factors. First, how popular are they? Secondly, we took ease of use, support, security, and reviews into consideration. After extensive research, we’ve settled on the following list. So without any further delay, let’s dive into our list.

1. Delicious Recipes

Delicious Recipes uses the REST API to manage recipes. This WordPress recipe plugin includes image and video galleries, nutritional charts, rich text instructions, printable recipes, advanced search, star ratings, adjustable servings, author profiles, social sharing, and more. Social features include Pinterest Rich Pin support and Pinterest and Instagram sharing. Create recipes in a custom WordPress dashboard.

Plus, you can display recipes with Gutenberg and sidebar widgets. It adds 9 Gutenberg blocks, 6 widgets, and color and layout settings. It’s SEO optimized with Google Structured Data and it supports schema.

Key Features for Delicious Recipes:

9 Gutenberg blocks
6 widgets
Color and layout settings
Social sharing
Star ratings
Nutritional facts
Print template
Advanced search
Adjustable servings

Price: Free, with pro licenses starting at $49 per year.

Get Delicious Recipes

2. WP Tasty Recipes

WP Tasty Recipes is a premium WordPress recipe plugin that includes everything in one package. It was designed for food bloggers and includes nutritional information, embedded videos, and flexible formatting so you can create your recipes according to your writing style. Visitors can scale the recipes automatically to any size they want.

It’s style-able and includes 5 premade themes to get you started quickly. Convert recipes from other plugins. It uses JSON-LD for the best Google and Pinterest SEO.

Key Features for WP Tasty Recipes:

Flexible formatting
Import from other plugins
Convert in bulk
Recipe scaling
Nutritional information
5 premade styles

Price: $49 per year.

Get WP Tasty Recipes

3. Recipe Card Blocks

Recipe Card Blocks by WPZoom works with Gutenberg to create recipe cards. It adds several blocks including a recipe card with schema markup for SEO. Other blocks include details, ingredients, directions, and nutritional facts. Plus, you can integrate video into your recipes as well as add ingredients and instructions in bulk. It includes multiple designs, supports AMP, and it’s GDPR compliant.

The pro version adds galleries, start ratings, adjustable servings, ingredients quantity, a gallery, custom Pinterest image, comments rating, social CTA, and more.

Key Features for Recipe Card Blocks:

5 Gutenberg blocks
Schema markup
Integrate video
Add ingredients in bulk
Add instructions in bulk
Supports AMP
GDRP compliant
Pro version available

Price: Free, pro version starts at $59 per year.

Get Recipe Card Blocks

4. Zip Recipes

Zip Recipes is a simple, yet powerful recipe plugin made by the folks who created Really Simple SSL. It includes a template editor so your recipes will have a professional design on any device. Plus, you can create your templates with a WYSIWYG editor, if you wish. Recipes can be inserted by copying and pasting from Microsoft Word or other sources. Plus, you can add recipes to posts, pages, and custom post types. It can use the featured image from the post or page. Recipes include nutritional information, cook and prep time, notes, etc. It’s SEO optimized with JSON-LD metadata.

The pro version adds author settings, recipe card themes, visitor ratings, social media, recipe grid, automatic nutrition, serving adjustments, metric imperial converter, and search by ingredients.

Key Features for Zip Recipes:

WYSIWYG editor
Display recipes in multiple post types
Cook and prep time
Nutritional information
Pinterest Rich Recipe pins
AMP compatible
Pro version available

Price: Free, pro version starts at $39 per year.

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5. WP Recipe Maker

WP Recipe Maker makes it easy to add recipes to any post or page. It uses JSON-LD metadata, which will improve your SEO for Google’s recipe search. It works with Gutenberg and the classic editor. Add photos and videos to any step of the recipe. Structure the ingredients into groups. Shortcodes include printing the recipe and jumping to the recipe. The print page is interactive and includes space for ads. The template editor lets you customize the design.

The pro version adds adjustable servings, ratings, ingredient links, nutritional labels, and more. To learn more about WP Recipe Maker, check out our extensive overview.

Key Features for WP Recipe Maker:

Gutenberg or classic editor
JSON-LD metadata for improved SEO
Print recipe page
Group ingredients
Add photos and videos
Customize the template
Pro version and addons available

Price: Free, the pro version starts at $49 per year.

Get WP Recipe Maker

6. Cooked

Cooked comes with lots of premium features in the free version. Features include galleries, cooking timers, nutritional facts, printable recipes, a drag-and-drop recipe builder, SEO, etc. Recipes are displayed in an attractive grid, and the servings switcher adjusts the ingredient amounts. You can add prep and cooking times, difficulty levels, timers, and more. It also has powerful search and sorting features including the full-screen mode, which shows everything you need on the screen at once.

The pro version adds ratings, favorites, recipe submissions, user profiles, social sharing, additional taxonomies, and more.

Key Features for Cooked:

Prep and cooling times
Nutritional facts
Difficulty level
Search and sorting options
Servings switcher
Author templates
Drag-and-drop builder
Full-screen mode
SEO features
Pro version available

Price: Free, pro version starts at $39 per year.

Get Cooked

7. Create

Create works for any type of instructions including recipes, lists and roundups, and how-to guides. It automatically calculates nutritional data and allows you to embed videos into your recipes. Multiple importers are included, so if you’re using one of 11 different recipe plugins, you can import your content. It has multiple themes to choose from so it will fit your site’s design. Plus, it’s ad-ready so you can monetize your content.

Content is marked for mobile search carousels with Google Rich Snippet support with one-button schema validation. This plugin was designed to be fast and lightweight.

Key Features for Create:

Calculates nutritional data automatically
Embed video
Multiple themes to choose from
Import from other recipe plugins
SEO optimized

Price: Free

Get Create

8. Blossom Recipe Maker

With Blossom Recipe Maker, you can effortlessly add recipes to your pages and posts using a shortcode. The plugin enables you to include photos for each step, group instructions with headings, and even add galleries, YouTube, or Vimeo videos. Additionally, you can conveniently sort and list the ingredients and instructions, making it easy for your visitors to follow along. The plugin also offers templates categorized by cuisine, cooking methods, and tags, with advanced searching capabilities. Furthermore, visitors can print recipes without images, and the plugin is translation-ready for a global audience.

Visitors can interact with the recipes. For example, they can adjust the serving size and mark the ingredients and instructions as they prepare the food. This allows them to adjust it to their needs and keep track of their progress.

Key Features for Blossom Recipe Maker:

Group with headings
YouTube and Vimeo videos
Adjust servings size
Mark progress
Add to pages and posts with shortcodes
Category templates
Author templates
Advanced searching
Print without images
Translation ready

Price: Free

Get Blossom Recipe Maker

9. Cookbook

Cookbook is a premium plugin that was designed with food bloggers in mind. Recipes include nutritional data and ratings. Visitors can jump to the recipe at the bottom of the page with an embedded shortcode. Recipes are printable. Style the recipe with rich formatting. It was designed for the classic editor and is the sister plugin to WP Recipe Maker, which was designed for Gutenberg.

It includes JSON-LD recipe markup and schema to give you the best SEO for your recipes and makes them easy to share. You can override the schema output and create custom labels. It’s translation-ready and can import from other plugins.

Key Features for Cookbook:

Nutritional data
Rating system
Jump to recipe feature
Rich formatting
Translation ready
SEO includes schema and JSON-LD
Imports from other plugins
Designed for the classic editor

Price: $59.99 per year.

Get Cookbook

10. Food Recipes For Divi

Food Recipes for Divi is a cool little plugin that adds a touch of elegance and functionality to your food blog. As a user of Divi, you can leverage over 20 modules to create stunning designs using the Visual Builder, the ultimate front-end WordPress page builder. With the plugin’s impressive features, you can embed videos and images into your recipes, making it easier for your audience to follow along as they prepare your delicious creations.

Furthermore, the plugin’s LD+JSON schema allows for increased visibility in search engines, giving you a chance at higher SERPs. With Food Recipes for Divi, you can create a visually appealing, user-friendly blog that will keep your readers coming back for more.

Key Features for Food Recipes For Divi:

20+ Divi modules for flexible layouts
Include videos and images in your recipes
Pre-built Divi recipe layouts
LD+JSON schema support
Optimized for SEO

Price: $69.99 per year.

Get Food Recipes For Divi

Choosing a WordPress Recipe Plugin

When searching for a recipe card plugin, it’s important to look for specific features that will meet your needs. Take the time to consider what extras you require, such as the ability to add images, videos, or links. Additionally, consider whether you need to import content from another plugin or if you prefer to work with a specific editor, such as Gutenberg blocks or the classic editor with shortcodes.

WordPress Recipe Plugin Ending Thoughts

A food blog can be one of the most enjoyable and helpful blogs you can create. A WordPress recipe plugin such as Delicious Recipes or WP Tasty Recipes can improve the design of your food blog, provide extra tools to attract and help your audience, and even make it easy for them to find you and share your content.

PluginPriceFree Option

🥇Delicious RecipesFree, $49 per year✔️Visit

🥈WP Tasty Recipes$49 per year❌Visit

🥉Recipe Card BlocksFree, $59 per year✔️Visit

4Zip RecipesFree, $39 per year✔️Visit

5WP Recipe MakerFree, $49 per year✔️Visit

6CookedFree, $39 per year✔️Visit


8Blossom Recipe MakerFree✔️Visit

9Cookbook$59.99 per year❌Visit

10Food Recipes For Divi$69.99 per year❌Visit

Whatever your needs are, you’re sure to find the right plugin on this list.

We want to hear from you. Have you tried any of these 9 best WordPress recipe plugins? Let us know what you think about them.

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